Do You Really Know All Your Facebook Friends?

whatsher-facebook There’s a new country coming up and it goes with the name of Facebook 🙂 With over 800 million users and a significant amount of them active, Facebook is sure a phenomenon of our ages. Well, how many friends do you have? A recent article by Washington Post says “Why You Shouldn’t Have More Than 354 Facebook Friends” scared? and do you really know all of your friends on the Facebook? Here is a way to find out. Developed by the students of Yale, Bay Gross and Charlie Croom, this funny quiz app called Whatsher-Facebook,  fires a series of your friends display picture for you to name them within the time specified. Once the time lapses, you are presented with the results at the end on how you fared. And yes, this app needs permissions to access photos.


Go give it a try. And that’s not all, it also throws up some interesting stats and tips on why you should keep your Facebook connections neat and safe. whatsher-facebook Related:

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