Facebook in Excel? You Must Be Kidding

They say ‘Appearances can be deceitful’ and Hardlywork.in seems to have taken that seriously and bring you Facebook in a format that has all the looks and feel of an excel file and right on your browser! All this just to make sure you do not miss out on the Facebook fun while faking the appearance that may not invoke a second look and give an impression of a Hard(ly) working employee 🙂

Hardly Work Facebook

Hardlywork.in makes this possible this by neatly integrating the Facebook newsfeed in a format that is very similar to the look and feel of a Microsoft Excel file within your browser (any browser will do). Although you will miss out on the full sized images, videos, sounds, chat windows, blue and white colors of Facebook, you can still catch up with your friends,relatives and others without those glaring glances at your monitor 🙂

Facebook in Excel

But its not that you will not be able to see any images, just hovering over comments and likes in Facebook shows you more information. Hovering over names, photos, videos and links gives you thumbnail previews. If someone comes closer to you, just press space bar to change the excel to a series of boring rows and columns. Formula bar also doubles up in searching friends and followers!

To start using Facebook appear as an excel file, point your browser to http://hardlywork.in/ and authorize access to Facebook when prompted and you are ready to FB!


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