Windows 7 Shortcuts

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BSOD…..eeerghhhhh in Vista?

I was testing Windows Vista recently and this came as a shocker to me….guess my expectations were too high. I am sure any Windows user has come across the infamous BSOD-Blue Screen Of Death while working on Win98/Me/2000 or even XP. But I was stunned to see it on Vista. May be this is still a beta build. This reminds me of the days while in college how we used to make fun of someone who had his OS crashed while working on some important project documentation. Not that we were geeks or linux freaks but a sheer mention . . . → Read More: BSOD…..eeerghhhhh in Vista?

Word 2007 Beta Review !!!!

Aha!!! Just got my hands on the new Office 2007 beta and boy, it rocks. First and foremost, Microsoft has given it a glossy look (kinda ‘Mac’ish?). One of the stand-out features of Office 2007 is that commonly used options are all icon based and very easy to use. Microsoft calls this assortment Ribbon. It’s all one touch now – to apply changes to your document, just click on one of the icons on top.

You will be surprised to know there were /are many features that you wished but never knew that they actually existed in word . . . → Read More: Word 2007 Beta Review !!!!

Windows shortcuts

Sick of going thru Start > Programs > Apps, I thought it would be a good idea to share some info on shortcuts we commonly use while working on MS Windows:

Windows key +E – Opens Windows Explorer

Windows key + R – invokes Run command

At Run command use type in the following for:

Outlook – MS Outlook

Control – Control Panel

Sysdm.cpl – System Properites

Ncpa.cpl – Network connections

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