How Kahaani Could Have Been Hackers Cult Movie

The Legendary Bob Biswas

Although the concept of hacking has been used from a long time in Hollywood movies, its adoption in the Indian mainstream movies has been relatively low profile. One of the most famous hacking scene must be Trinity (Carie Annie Moss) firing up nmap in the cult movie The Matrix Reloaded to figure out open ports on one of the power grids control machine. There have been notable other scenes and hacking concepts used in Hollywood like Wargames, Swordfish, Takedown, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Independence day (probably the dumbest hacking scene in movie history – infecting alien systems with virus) and others. Kahaani, an Indian movie has lot of geek stuff like hacking and social engineering used in it. But the hacking scenes could have been made more authentic. This post is as attempt on this lines . . . → Read More: How Kahaani Could Have Been Hackers Cult Movie

Beware of Fake Twitter Administration Mails

Message Header_Identify_Fake_Email_Twitter_Administration

Well, its here as well  after spoofing emails of popular social networking sites like facebook, orkut, etc spammers have now hit upon Twitter. In a recent development, emails are appearing across the internet trying to spoof  Twitter’s Administrative communication. Although they would probably be picked up as spam by most email applications, just be cautious and aware that such a thing is happening.

As with many other phishing and spam emails, this one to appears genuine at the outset, but a quick hovering over the URL reveals the true picture and moreover Twitter would not send anything like . . . → Read More: Beware of Fake Twitter Administration Mails

Phishing attack leveraging SMS ban


Today morning was just about going as usual till I noticed an email. It seemed to originate from AXIS bank and it had an HTML attachment and it was an important announcement.

The contents of the email looked valid considering Government of India had placed a ban on sending of bulk SMS till 29th. Now I am not sure if such ban holds good for financial institutions. But some smart bloke seems to have capitalized on this ban. The email stated that:

“In view of the Govt. of India directive to mobile operators, all the corporate sms messaging . . . → Read More: Phishing attack leveraging SMS ban

Solutions for recovering stolen laptop

Data privacy and protection are the two main concerns faced by the mobile users today. Although, laptops have been around, it’s not until recently that it has generated quite a buzz in terms of ease and mobility. Some of you who have laptops will surely be worried about the surge in the theft of laptops. Even I was wondering on the technologies that could track stolen laptops and computing devices. Some of the things I could think of were – GPS dots (inspired by Hollywood movies), IMEI numbers as found in Mobiles or stealth softwares that would send the owner some email blah blah… . . . . → Read More: Solutions for recovering stolen laptop

How to keep passwords safe



Don’t just store your passwords:

-On a notepad and change the extension or hide notepad!

-On a Sticky note

-On the Outlook’s post it note, even if you have password protected the PST file. They are still readable.

-Email them to your Yahoo, Gmail or other email ids

-On your Mobile phone notes / SMS, unless encrypted and password protected

-Post it note and hide below your desk!

Store your Passwords safe and Secure:– Use a tool like Keepass, Lastpass, These are free/paid open source utilities

-USB thumb drives with built-in software that has . . . → Read More: How to keep passwords safe

How Not to Follow a Fake Profile on Twitter


Here are some tips that will help you in determining if the Twitterati that you want to follow on Twitter is real or fake. 1. Is it a Verified Account 2. What is the Web page of the Account holder? 3. Look at the Tweet times. . . . → Read More: How Not to Follow a Fake Profile on Twitter

Social Engineering Countermeasures


Tring Tring !!

Sir, I am calling on behalf of Moneywise bank.

You have been selected as the most popular customer in our group at As you can see the prize is US$10000 and we would soon be transferring this amount to your account. In this regards, we would need to validate your credentials….Please provide your name as printed on the card, Date of Expiry, Card number.

Our ‘Mr Social Networker’ is on the cloud seven as he happily reads out the details.

Couple of weeks later he is dumbfounded to find all the hard earned . . . → Read More: Social Engineering Countermeasures

Claim your undelivered package…hmm malware

As if malicious emails promising freebies are not enough, some scamsters have hit upon using unclaimed parcels as a bait for sending malwares (viruses, worms and trojans) through emails. I received one such email stating that the parcel I sent could not be delivered and I had to collect from their department by printing the attached invoice. Coincidentally, I had indeed sent one parcel but later realised that it was through a different vendor and just for the heck of it went through the email.

As expected the email was indeed a malware carrier. Though the FROM address looked . . . → Read More: Claim your undelivered package…hmm malware