Operating System for Kids

Operating System for Kids

Ever since my two and half year old toddler started to play around with my laptop I was thinking about resurrecting my old desktop computer which I hadn’t used in ages. The next step was to look out for what is available in the market that qualifies to be called Kids Operating System so that apart from playing games, watching cartoons, learning is also incorporated in it. Here are some Operatings Systems suited to the needs of your kids. . . . → Read More: Operating System for Kids

How to keep passwords safe



Don’t just store your passwords:

-On a notepad and change the extension or hide notepad!

-On a Sticky note

-On the Outlook’s post it note, even if you have password protected the PST file. They are still readable.

-Email them to your Yahoo, Gmail or other email ids

-On your Mobile phone notes / SMS, unless encrypted and password protected

-Post it note and hide below your desk!

Store your Passwords safe and Secure:– Use a tool like Keepass, Lastpass,┬áThese are free/paid open source utilities

-USB thumb drives with built-in software that has . . . → Read More: How to keep passwords safe