Claim your undelivered package…hmm malware

As if malicious emails promising freebies are not enough, some scamsters have hit upon using unclaimed parcels as a bait for sending malwares (viruses, worms and trojans) through emails. I received one such email stating that the parcel I sent could not be delivered and I had to collect from their department by printing the attached invoice. Coincidentally, I had indeed sent one parcel but later realised that it was through a different vendor and just for the heck of it went through the email.

As expected the email was indeed a malware carrier. Though the FROM address looked . . . → Read More: Claim your undelivered package…hmm malware

Tips To Select AntiVirus (AV)

So you made the decision to buy an AntiVirus (AV) to safeguard your system. But stuck with what to look for in the AV?

Here are some of the tips that will help you in selecting the best AV for your computer:

– Load on System

– Frequency of the definitions or updates

– Type of subscription

– Ease of Upgradation

– Technical Support

Load on System

One of the common complaints from the users is that AV is taking lot of system resources. I think the problem could be caused at . . . → Read More: Tips To Select AntiVirus (AV)