Vasantahabba! Will this spring fest return?

February is the month which many people look forward to various reasons – valentines day, fight between pink chaddis vs love brigade, shortest month etc. I too look forward to it for couple of reasons…one, it has my better half’s Birthday..for second, read on for more..

Many of you might have heard or had been to Vasantahabba, which used to happen on the first saturday of February at Nrityagram. Vasantahabba is a festival that happens from dusk to dawn, yes you read it right! Starts from late afternoon and goes on till the sunrise of the next day…far off . . . → Read More: Vasantahabba! Will this spring fest return?

Rite Key, Wrong Bike…Has it happened to you?

This is a hilarious incident that happened couple of years ago in my last company – SMPL. A colleague of mine wanted to do some errands during the office evening and due to the chok-a-block traffic he decided to use my bike as he had a car. I just gave him the key as I had done few times…A couple of hours later he came back,but told me that he was having tough time in locking the bike!!

I was puzzled by him and we both went to the basement to check out. As it was evening, it was . . . → Read More: Rite Key, Wrong Bike…Has it happened to you?

Lakshadweep – cool, calm and good times!

A travelogue on Lakshadweep

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The calmness of the sea calls me, for I shall go there again in the time to come!

Well, that’s what I can tell about our trip to Lakshadweep or one hundred thousand islands, the name derived from Sanskrit.

Our journey started off from Cochin on a ship INS Minicoy. I must tell you that it’s not a Cruiser, but nevertheless, our journey was comfortable and enjoyable. Our journey lasted for about 14 hours and we spent most . . . → Read More: Lakshadweep – cool, calm and good times!

BMS Katte….

I spent the best part of my engineering days here 🙂

safety first…no smoking aboard the ship…