Lakshadweep – cool, calm and good times!

A travelogue on Lakshadweep

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The calmness of the sea calls me, for I shall go there again in the time to come!

Well, that’s what I can tell about our trip to Lakshadweep or one hundred thousand islands, the name derived from Sanskrit.

Our journey started off from Cochin on a ship INS Minicoy. I must tell you that it’s not a Cruiser, but nevertheless, our journey was comfortable and enjoyable. Our journey lasted for about 14 hours and we spent most . . . → Read More: Lakshadweep – cool, calm and good times!

runaway kids @ Lakshadweep !!!

fishing in the calm waters of Lakshadweep


safety first…no smoking aboard the ship…

fishing ain’t easy…

Coconut seeds