Libyan Domain Registry shuts down



Libya has shut down the popular adult URL shortening service citing violation and non-adherence to Libyan Islamic Shariah law. Since this domain is not hosted in Libya and if you are wondering what Libya has got to do with it, note that: .ly is the top-level Internet country code for Libya and it is registered with Libyan Domain Registry.

Cyber world is abuzz with the action of the Libyan Domain Registry for this action as this can have ramifications on various such domains with catchy names like, .tv is owned by . . . → Read More: Libyan Domain Registry shuts down

BJP vs Congress Domain War

Indian politicians now take their war to the cyberspace. The ruling Indian National Congress party and the main opposition party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are embroiled in a bitter war over domain redirection of BJP.COM

It all started on October 3rd a http request to would redirect to Congress party’s website. It appears like some smart bloke (read Cyber Savy) at Congress or a prankster setup this redirection.

However, Congress now appears to have taken a step back with the request to now landing on a parked page with ads. A Whois search for . . . → Read More: BJP vs Congress Domain War