Phishing attack leveraging SMS ban


Today morning was just about going as usual till I noticed an email. It seemed to originate from AXIS bank and it had an HTML attachment and it was an important announcement.

The contents of the email looked valid considering Government of India had placed a ban on sending of bulk SMS till 29th. Now I am not sure if such ban holds good for financial institutions. But some smart bloke seems to have capitalized on this ban. The email stated that:

“In view of the Govt. of India directive to mobile operators, all the corporate sms messaging . . . → Read More: Phishing attack leveraging SMS ban

Slinging with Slingbox and Tweeting withTweetdeck

Slingbox is a Place Shifting device from SlingMedia that lets you watch your Audio-Video content from anywhere in the world, be it Desktop, Laptop, PDA or even Smartphones using SlingPlayer App. All you need is an internet connection at your base location which is your home, where you would have connected the slingbox to the broadband router along with AV inputs. You can then fire up the SlingPlayer app on your mobile or ur laptop and watch your favorite programs…doesn’t matter if you are in LA or in Timbuktu 🙂

The best experience with the slingbox is made possible . . . → Read More: Slinging with Slingbox and Tweeting withTweetdeck

My 10 years of Cyberspace

Hey Folks, just realised that today marks my 10th year on WorldWideWeb. Here’s the first certification that I earned for learning about and logging in to Internet 10 years back 🙂

Its been an amazing last 10 years on cyberspace and I must tell that I have been addicted to it and can’t think of logging out 😛