Beware of Fake Twitter Administration Mails

Message Header_Identify_Fake_Email_Twitter_Administration

Well, its here as well  after spoofing emails of popular social networking sites like facebook, orkut, etc spammers have now hit upon Twitter. In a recent development, emails are appearing across the internet trying to spoof  Twitter’s Administrative communication. Although they would probably be picked up as spam by most email applications, just be cautious and aware that such a thing is happening.

As with many other phishing and spam emails, this one to appears genuine at the outset, but a quick hovering over the URL reveals the true picture and moreover Twitter would not send anything like . . . → Read More: Beware of Fake Twitter Administration Mails

Social Engineering Countermeasures


Tring Tring !!

Sir, I am calling on behalf of Moneywise bank.

You have been selected as the most popular customer in our group at As you can see the prize is US$10000 and we would soon be transferring this amount to your account. In this regards, we would need to validate your credentials….Please provide your name as printed on the card, Date of Expiry, Card number.

Our ‘Mr Social Networker’ is on the cloud seven as he happily reads out the details.

Couple of weeks later he is dumbfounded to find all the hard earned . . . → Read More: Social Engineering Countermeasures

Claim your undelivered package…hmm malware

As if malicious emails promising freebies are not enough, some scamsters have hit upon using unclaimed parcels as a bait for sending malwares (viruses, worms and trojans) through emails. I received one such email stating that the parcel I sent could not be delivered and I had to collect from their department by printing the attached invoice. Coincidentally, I had indeed sent one parcel but later realised that it was through a different vendor and just for the heck of it went through the email.

As expected the email was indeed a malware carrier. Though the FROM address looked . . . → Read More: Claim your undelivered package…hmm malware