Rite Key, Wrong Bike…Has it happened to you?

This is a hilarious incident that happened couple of years ago in my last company – SMPL. A colleague of mine wanted to do some errands during the office evening and due to the chok-a-block traffic he decided to use my bike as he had a car. I just gave him the key as I had done few times…A couple of hours later he came back,but told me that he was having tough time in locking the bike!!

I was puzzled by him and we both went to the basement to check out. As it was evening, it was . . . → Read More: Rite Key, Wrong Bike…Has it happened to you?

Pulsar – Definitely Male !!!!!

Having used my Pulsar for 9 months and 3 days, I finally decided to pen down my views on this.

Well, the choice while buying the bike was really tough. Having admired my buddies’ Yamaha RX 135, I did not have much liking for Pulsar 180 CC, though I was impressed with the features, 60 K was beyong my reach.

I have to travel 18 Kms for my office and thats 36 Kms up and down. The kind of guy I am (Late Lateef), I wanted a bike that would take me to office in minimum possible time. . . . → Read More: Pulsar – Definitely Male !!!!!