How Kahaani Could Have Been Hackers Cult Movie

The Legendary Bob Biswas

Although the concept of hacking has been used from a long time in Hollywood movies, its adoption in the Indian mainstream movies has been relatively low profile. One of the most famous hacking scene must be Trinity (Carie Annie Moss) firing up nmap in the cult movie The Matrix Reloaded to figure out open ports on one of the power grids control machine. There have been notable other scenes and hacking concepts used in Hollywood like Wargames, Swordfish, Takedown, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Independence day (probably the dumbest hacking scene in movie history – infecting alien systems with virus) and others. Kahaani, an Indian movie has lot of geek stuff like hacking and social engineering used in it. But the hacking scenes could have been made more authentic. This post is as attempt on this lines . . . → Read More: How Kahaani Could Have Been Hackers Cult Movie