Importing LED TV Vs Buying Locally – A comparison


Should You Buy a TV and Import or buy locally?


You are on a foreign trip and are lured by the price of that LED TV? read this on, might save you few bucks 🙂


There is no denying the fact that LED TVs are quite cheap in other countries compared to India, especially in Dubai or Singapore. Check this out: The cost of LG TV LG 42LB5820 106 cm (42) LED TV at FlipKart is INR 47990/- while at UAE’s leading online retailer it costs AED 1579, which is nearly half the price.

Most of  the Airlines charge a flat fee of 199 AED (this is the price charged by Jet Airways, Air India, Emirates etc all charge a different rate) for carrying all LED TVs beyond 32 inches.  A 42 Inch TV weighs around 15-18 Kgs. Most airlines cap the max luggage at 30kgs for economy and 40/50 for Business/First Class (tickets are pricier), beyond which you will have to shell out a bomb! So if you are travelling alone then you are now only left with 15 Kgs of luggage allowance. Out of which, the dead weight of the suitcase alone is 6-7kgs. So you are left with a paltry capacity of 5-6 kgs of luggage to take home. This is sure to hurt if you have already shopped a lot 😉 Let us take a look at all the costs involved:
Total Cost = Cost of the TV + Customs Duty + Airlines Fee
Converting 1579 AED at today’s rate of 1AED= 17.27, this equates to INR = 27261
Customs Duty on LED TV including cess+tax is 36% = 9814
Price after Customs Duty = 37075
Airlines Fee @ 199 AED = 3453
Total Price = 40528


Your actual savings (47990-40528)= 7462 /-

And then there are issues with warranty in the home country. Taking all these into account, you might better off buying things that are not available in your home country than gain monetary savings over TV. At 27K it is highly alluring and this might still be beneficial if you are travelling with family or friends who can transfer the weight to their luggage. At the same time with the blooming ecommerce industry, you can do all the comparisons at the touch of a button and also order and get the TV delivered to your doorsteps. And this is turning out to be a Convenience vs Price war. What are your thoughts?



  • Vivek Mistry

    This comparison is good but has taken limited views into comparison.

    If you today take the comparison for a 55 inch UHD smart tv which costs around 4000aed ( 69000INR) on it add customs 25000 and airline fee 3500 total cost comes to near 95000 .. I am excluding the under table customs clearance which if happens u can get TV out at 10000 and then cost of TV will be only 80000.

    In india same tv cost 2 lacs..

    No think what’s the difference…

  • Ravi

    Currently in the market, the fastest moving TV specs are 42 inches and you are right about other specs but as said, there are certain costs associated which is missed by most like Capping of Luggage, Airlines Fee and Customs.

    Also, cannot comment about “under the table customs clearance” and I wouldn’t encourage anybody do to go for such practices.

  • Vivek Mistry

    Airlines allows till 55 inches…
    There no more direct cost implications

    You need to compromise on luggage if TV is your priority and gives u saving of 1 lac

  • Naveen Arur

    Agree with you. I got a Sony LED 40′ from abroad and it developed some display issues. Nobody here in Bangalore is willing to work on fixing it. They come, do a cursory look and quote some price for a complete panel replacement which costs more than what i payed for the TV. If only I had purchased here, i would have been still in warranty and it would have been a free replacement.

  • jitin

    you have concluded the customs calculation on which price dubai pricing ??

  • Vivek Mistry

    Customs is always on dubai invoice value