Outlook Vs Gmail Features Comparison In Infographic

Outlook vs Gmail

Microsoft recently released an infographic to show how its Outlook and Outlook Web Access 2013 fared in comparison to the features currently available in Gmail. Some of the features that Microsoft claims are better in comparison to Gmail include Offline Access Of Emails, ability to view team and hierarchical organization information via Active Directory integration, Calendar Delegation, Information Rights Management, Document Fingerprinting, native Data Loss Prevention, Delivery Reports and etc. Although you could still use clients like Thunderbird to configure any email service provider for offline access, it’s not a built-in feature for Gmail, and is possible using the Chrome Browser.

Outlook vs Gmail comparison in Infographic

Features like Message recall have long been there in Microsoft Exchange (using clients like Outlook). Gmail still lacks this feature, however there is a workaround using which you can cancel the sending of message or recall them (maximum time delay of 30 seconds). If using a client like Thunderbird, you could use Send Later plugin that adds a time delay. (hat tip to Eyeonwindows).

To download the infographic:

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