How to speed up File Downloads and Uploads in Filezilla

In Filezilla there are couple of ways using which you can speed up the file transfer during downloads and uploads. Here is how you can accomplish them:

Enabling Simultaneous Connections:

  • Open Filezilla
  • Click on File > Site Manager
  • In the Site Manager pop-up window, Select the Site on left hand side

Filezilla simultaneous connections

  • Click on Transfer Settings
  • Click on Passive
  • Place a check-mark next to “Limit number of simultaneous connections” box
  • Enter the desired number of simultaneous connections (10 is the max)
  • Click on OK

Setting Speed Limits:

  • Open Filezilla
  • Click on Transfer > Speed Limits > Configure

FileZilla Transfer Speed

  • Place a checkmark next to “Enable Speed limits” box

Filezilla Speed Limits

  • Enter the desired speed under Download and Upload limit NOTE: Speeds are in KBps
  • Click on OK

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