How To Know When To Change The Tyres

I recently had a bit of an issue while riding the bike as it would skid while braking. Although it was due for service in sometime, I decided to inspect tyres and see if they needed changing. After spending quite sometime on the tyre manufacturer’s website and auto forums, I figured out that ALL tyres have indicators (gives a measure of tyre depths) that act as definitive guides on when to change tyres. The indicators are 1.6 mm in depth (from the bottom of the groove) and considered as the safe mark. 

Below are the pictures of two tyres. In the first picture, the tyre is worn out and you can see that the markers are at the same height as the surface of the tyre and recommended for tyre change. Infact in many countries it is illegal to drive/ride vehicles whose tyres are past these minimum depths and attract fines.

 If you observe the second picture (brand new Michelin , you can see the indicators are much below the surface of the tyre and it will take some time to reach there. Hope this was helpful. Happy and Safe Journey on the Roads 🙂


Tyre wear tread indicators 
Tire wear tread indicatorsIn the above picture you can see the indicators are at the same line as surface
Tyre Tread Wear Indicator in New Tyre

In the above picture the indicators are much below the tyre surface



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