Apple Makes Available iOS7 Download for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch



Users of Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch can now enjoy the latest features offered by iOS7. Billed by Tim Cook as the most “the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone“, Apple has now made available its newest operating system for download. Available as an Over The Air (OTA) upgrade, make sure your devices and network is uninterrupted before you initiate the download.

Also, it will be made available as a direct download for those who have issues doing an OTA update and prefer an upgrade the old fashioned way using iTunes. Here are the links for download

Some of the new features include:

Apple ios7 Apple ios7

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Control Center – Control Center gives you quick access to the controls and apps just by swiping across the screen

Notification Center – Notification Center lets you know about new mail, missed calls, to-dos that need doing, and more. And a new feature called Today gives you a convenient summary of the day.

Multitasking – Allows you to switch between apps without killing them and also fetches your content based on the routine.

Airdrop – This feature was previously available for Macbook. Airdrop allows  you to share photos, videos, contacts — and more from any app with a Share button using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Does not require additional setup and the transfers are encrypted!

iTunes Radio – iTunes Radio is a new free service that features streaming radio stations. Its’s USP being learning about the type of the music you listed to and personalizing them over time

Some of the above features like control center and notification center have long been on the Android platform and looks like Apple is finally trying to bridge the gap!


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