Is This Plastic Container Microwave Safe?

Microwave Safe

Look for the Microwave Safe logo beneath!

Dude! that lunch box that you have brought isn’t Microwave safe!….I know its from Tupperware, but that particular model ain’t microwavable. So don’t toast it in the microwave. Yeah, I mean it.

Well, that might sound amusing but I have seen them happen many a times at office cafeteria. If you are the one who take your lunch box or eat at office canteen, I am sure you would have come across these sightings lunch times. People putting their plastic lunch boxes into the microwave oven to enjoy a hot lunch.

But next time, before you push the plastic lunch box into the microwave wait for a moment, and look underneath for symbols. Microwavable boxes have distinct icons (generally at the back) indicating the same. They may look like one of the symbols below:

Microwave Symbol

Microwavable Symbols commonly found on containers

Image: Kim Valle

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