Google Docs Is Now Google Drive

Google appears to be on a re-branding mode, a few months back it was Android Market that was renamed to Google PlayStore along with various enhancements. Today Google docs has been renamed to Google Drive and comes with 5 GB free storage. You can now store, view and share over 30 different file formats including  HD video, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. You can also view   saved revisions of up-to 30 days and optionally also keep a revision forever.  Coinciding with this launch is the release of clients for PC and Mac. While the re-branded clients (earlier Google Docs client) for drive is also available for the iphone & Android devices.

Google has also increased the free storage for Gmail from 7.5 GB to 10 GB . At an additional 2.5$ per month users can avail 25GB storage for Gmail alone on the top of 25 GB for Drive & Picasa. To view your usage, click on the link HERE

At the current price, ability to collaborate & instant synchronization, Google drive must be the closest competitor to Dropbox. Although Microsoft started providing 25 GB of free online storage for SkyDrive users with clients being released for PC, Windows Mobile, iPad & iPhones since yesterday.

Only time will tell where this online storage war is headed, till then we wouldn’t have to worry about that last byte of storage online 🙂

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