Bangalore Police launches Public Eye, Crowdsourced traffic violation reporting

Public Eye Bangalore Traffic Police.png

Crowdsourcing has been the buzzword from last few years and there are range of services varying from software testing to funding and it does seem to fuel a lot of things. Not to be left behind, Bangalore Traffic Police(BTP) have now launched a crowd sourced policing wherein the public can bring to their notice the traffic violations taking place in Bengaluru/Bangalore city!

Called as Public Eye, this service has been launched today and is hosted at their website.

Users will need to enter details like Vehicle number, type of violation, violation time and date, location. To curb misuse those reporting the violations will need to enter their details like mobile number, email address and optional remarks and there is a facility to upload images as well.

BTP already has a good number of camera installations at various junctions in the Bengaluru city and they regularly use the footings to identify offenders apart from uploading some of these at their Facebook page for educating public. Recently they have equipped their staff with digital cameras for recording offences. Notices would then be sent to the offender’s addresses later.

BTP were also the first in the country to use Blackberry phones (with a Bluetooth enabled portable printing) for delivering challans on the spot, for violations. A lot of this digital initiative enabled users to view their vehicle details online, for any violations.

We will have to wait and see how much of this Public Eye will aid in bringing control and reducing chaos on roads.


  • This is a good initiative. Hope people do not use it to settle personal scores

  • godhan