USB Drive inspired by Da Vinci Code’s Cryptex


Cryptex USB

World’s first lockable and encrypted USB drive ever

If you are a fan of cryptex that also made its appearence in Da Vinci Code novel I am pretty sure you would be itching to you get your hands on it. May be to send that secret message to the special one 🙂 What if turned out to be a truly geeky stuff? Well some blokes at Kickstarter project thought so and are now bringing it to real life.

Inspired by the cryptex, they will soon be launching the world’s first lockable and encrypted USB drive ever with the capacities of 4GB, 8 GB & 16 GB and 256 AES encryption. These are made of solid aluminum alloy and some of the features include: Read Only Mode, Support for all leading Operating Systems, USB 2.0 and hardware locking combination of 14,348,907 possibilities !! while on the software side you can customize it with password for encryption

Check out this video to know more about this product or click HERE to go to their site.

Crypteks USB from crypteks on Vimeo.

  • Deepak Karthik

    Good info 🙂 great visuals, are they just for display or will they be the real design, quite hot !

  • They are for real Deepak 🙂

  • Guest

    Are they? They still havent produced a prototype, nevermind the actual product.