User Interface Bug In Angry Birds Seasons

UPDATE [16/11/2011]:

Been a while since I played Angry Birds on my phone and I now see that Rovio have fixed this bug with the latest update to the seasons. Here is a snapshot:

Angry Birds Bug Fixed

UPDATE [30/09/2011]:

I will take the following snapshot of the tweet from Rovio as a kind of acknowledgement:

Angry Birds Design Bug


Like most of you, I am also one of those who’s addicted to this game on my android phone. Although I have it installed on chrome browser as well, nothing is as much fun as playing it on the phone.

I had to postpone the scheduled updates on phone as my WiFi router had gone kaput and also never had the chance to get Connectify work seamlessly to create an Access point on the laptop. Updating over the slow EDGE connection was never an option. Anyways, thats a different story.

I finally got the updates to install on all versions of Angry Birds and did play the newer versions. I was more excited for my little kid who also has become a big fan of Angry Birds, and I wanted to show him the newer version of Angry Birds.

But something caught my eye, it wasn’t the new tricks or birds but the exit button. It happened couple of times that I wanted to close the app but ended up continuing, then I observed closely. On closer inspection it appeared that the Yes button to exit out of the game was jumbled!  Take a look below:

Angry Birds

Angry Birds RIO


Angry Birds SEASONS

Is this a design oversight by Rovio Mobile, caused by, perhaps an Angry developer 🙂  or not a big deal for them?  Whats your take, let know of your opinion by commenting.

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