Now play Angry Birds, Poker, Sudoku And More Games On Google+

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It was in the pipeline and its here finally:  Games on Google+. Competing with the likes of Farmville, Mafiawars, CityVille etc on Facebook, Google+ aims to take a dig on Social Gaming. Currently it has dozens of games including ever popular Angry Birds, Sudoku puzzle, Zynga Poker, Crime City, Monsterworld, Dragons of Atlantis, Flood it, Bejewelled, Diamond Dash and others. You can invite your friends in the circles to play games and compete with them, post your scores or brag about it as well. You will first need to authorize the game app, which would mean allowing profile information access to those games. Currently games are not enabled by default for all and are being rolled out in phases.

Here is how you play games on Google+. On the Google Plus landing page, click on the Games tab and you are ready to roll 🙂





That’s not all, if you’re a developer and if interested in building games for Google+, you may want to take a look at  Google+ developer blog. Expect to see barrage of messages from your friends across all circles to compete with them on these games. So what’s next from Google on Google+? Probably, ability to play these games within Google+ on the mobile platform(?)

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