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Its been couple of weeks since I attended UnPluggd at Bangalore, an event for wannabe entrepreneurs to learn from those ‘been there, done that’ folks. Also there were some cool startups shortlisted by Pluggdn team that were to showcase their products and path breaking technologies. This year had some interesting technologies for showcase and these included crowdsourced software testing, Voice and SMS solutions using Cloud Computing, Virtual Counselor for students, collaboration suite for recruitment, and more. Many startups all over the world have come into existence out of the lack of similar offering in the market or in other words their founders encountered what is calledĀ  as “Scratch your own itch” šŸ™‚

Here is a list of the startups that showcased their products at Unpluggd:

  • ExotelĀ  – Leverages cloud to provide unified voice, sms solutions. Their solution provides a virtual number that can forward the call to multiple numbers at the same time!
  • MojoStreetĀ  – India’s very own Foursquare, but aims to bridge the digital divide of brand loyalty by making use of Location Based Service.
  • 99Tests – An offering that leverages crowdsourcing to test and find bugs in your applications!
  • InterviewStreet – Ever remember those Shakuntala Devi or George Summers puzzles that you practiced for your Campus Interviews? Well InterviewStreet is kind of ‘manage it online’ for companies. And its not just puzzles but also includes coding challenges for a wannabe rockstar programmer!
  • RecruiterBox – If you are recruiter or a HR person, you know the pains of a recruitment lifecycle right from finding the good candidate, scheduling his interviews, getting feedback, more interview rounds & finally recruitment letter. RecruiterBox aims to simply this problem using collaboration tools within the company.
  • UnBxd – UnBxd is a search engine dedicated for eCommerce sites and includes functionality like auto-completion, auto- spell check, dynamic navigation and more.
  • FreshDesk – “There was Email before Gmail, Search before Google and mobile phones before iPhone”, aiming to refresh the customer service available today, that’s what FreshDesk aim to do in their own words!
  • NextLeap – Using parameters like psychometric evaluations and math models on past admission patterns, NextLeap aims to be a Virtual Counselor for studentsĀ  to give out personalized suggestions on which colleges to join.
  • AppKiosk – AppKiosk aims to make apps available for every phone, near your neighborhood and not just for the smart phones by filtering and giving you the best apps suited for your needs.

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