Twitter Has Whale, Klout Has Snail, What Will Google+ Have For A Fail?

Gone or the days when the web pages used to look dull and bland the moment services went down! Companies are now adopting innovative and creative ways when the services go down and also cache in on the way messages are displayed.

Fail Whale Fail Snail

Those of you who have come across the occasional downtimes on Twitter are very familiar with Fail Whale. It was originally designed by Yiying Lu . Although Twitter did not request her for such designs or paid for it, it became a sort of legend and has cult following. Various services, products, merchandises are now built on it! Yes, you can read the amazing story of Fail Whale HERE

Fail Snail Klout

Klout, which provides social media analytics, measuring a user’s influence across their social network also has a similar page. When its service goes down they have adopted a Snail and is termed Fail Snail. Fail Snail is seen barfing some hex code

What do you think Google+ must have for a fail / when its services go down? Comment and let the world know 🙂

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