Facebook Video Calling is here

Facebook Video Calling with Skype

With Google+ hogging all the limelight for features like Circles, Huddle and more importantly Group Video Chatting called Hangout, would Facebook be left behind? not at all. Facebook today launched a new feature called Facebook Video Calling that also allows group video chatting among your friends in Facebook through a collaboration with Skype

Facebook Video Calling requires an application/plugin  to be downloaded and installed onto your PC and based on your internet connection it may take a while. Go to the link http://facebook.com/videocalling to get started. At the lower corner of the page you can even see your Facebook friends who have already enabled Video Calling to make it easier for you.

When we tested out the video calling feature it worked without any fuss and was very similar to Skype.¬† Audio and Video streaming were of good quality, but then again if you are used to Skype this ain’t much different. As I said, this may not be a path breaking venture in comparison to Google’s Hangout which came out with a streamlined group video chatting. We may sooner or later see an update for Facebook’s app on mobile platforms like Android and iPhone and this may hold the key in the war of the Video Chats

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