How to keep passwords safe


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Don’t just store your passwords:

-On a notepad and change the extension or hide notepad!

-On a Sticky note

-On the Outlook’s post it note, even if you have password protected the PST file. They are still readable.

-Email them to your Yahoo, Gmail or other email ids

-On your Mobile phone notes / SMS, unless encrypted and password protected

-Post it note and hide below your desk!

Store your Passwords safe and Secure:– Use a tool like Keepass, Lastpass, These are free/paid open source utilities

-USB thumb drives with built-in software that has strong encryption levels (eg Lumension etc).


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  • Gurubob

    another utility which i use would be ‘ password safe ‘.It is very useful you can download it from .

  • I do support you in this topic whole heartedly, but I guess there is a way to store passwords in readable format! Just use a plain ceaser chipher, that is easy for you to remember and then encrypt your passwords before jotting them down somewhere. And as far as banking passwords go, you must store them in your head, which I believe is the safest place until you are too drunk! 😛

  • prasanna


    Hmm..infact I thought of it while writing, but it gives a false sense of security…
    Using a Caesar’s cipher or ROT13, etc is as good as ‘Security by Obscurity’. I mean the series of random characters is an indication that it is a replacement of alphabets and all it requires is the Key and it is only a matter of time before someone can easily decipher it….

  • david michel

    people are stupid

  • mode20100

    A+ would read again

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