Features that could have made #newtwitter more fun



While Newtwitter is getting rolled out in phases and might change various avatars when it is finally made available for all (meaning there is scope for improvement till we see the final version). Here are some improvements that Twitter can implement to make tweeting seamless and fun:

1. Retweet with comment / editing. Most of us are happy to add various pre-fixes to the tweets than just a plain RT. Anybody +1 ?

2. Auto-Shortening of URL the way Tweetdeck does it using Bit.ly TinyURL, and others (Oh! wait, I know bit.ly might be on the road to deletion by Libya’s DNR. Read more here) and others. Am not sure when the Twitter’s own shortening service T.co is going to be launched but definitely helps in lessening the time spent

3. Ability to upload pictures and videos natively (as in Tweetdeck using services like TwitPic, Yfrog,Posterous etc) instead of uploading them and then pasting the link.

4. Mute or Filter on keywords – There are many a times when an event or a person suddenly creates buzz on twitter and not many of them be to the liking of everyone. So what do you do? Unfollow because of continuous stream of tweets?  What if we had an option to filter or mute based on keywords instead of Unfollowing tweeple. Tweetdeck provides this functionality and believe me it’s an awesome feature.

5. Ability to tweet on HTTPS connection instead of regular plain text. Although it may sound frivolous because what you tweet is going to be on the public domain, but DMs are supposed to be private. Echofon does provide https connection for tweets, but it is not complete.

Would Twitter really incorporate some of these or will it leave it to the API ecosystem in the form of third party vendors to improvise it? Quite amazing …

Any other features that you think will make #NewTwitter much more Fun? I will update interesting ones 😉