Which App Do I Use for Front Facing Camera in Samsung Galaxy S

Galaxy S Front Facing camera

UPDATE [July 14th 2011]: How To Use Front Facing Camera in Samsung Galaxy S

One of the first things I checked after I got hold of Samsung Galaxy S was the camera, specifically the front facing or the secondary camera. But I was in for a surprise when the Camera Application could generate the pictures from the Primary camera at the back. Checked the settings in and out but could not figure out the access to Front Facing Camera till I found out that there is no native app as of now to leverage the front facing camera in Galaxy S.

The front facing camera is however invoked when you use the Video Calling feature (the bottom right button in the dial pad) and also by applications like Skype and Fring but I was looking for an application that could take pictures and probably also have addons like avatars etc. As of now there is a Mirror App. Like the name goes it mirrors and just that, but you cannot take pictures from it as of now. You can also use zoom feature in this app and only today there was an update released for it.

When I last checked on the web, there were issues with Skype on Galaxy S with Android 2.1 and I have not been a big fan of Fring either. So I have not bothered to download those apps.

So in case you are wondering how the heck I get to use the Secondary Camera on Samsung Galaxy S, you know the workaround. I call it workaround because there is no way to take the picture as of now…and am waiting for an answer as well

You can download the mirror app from here:


Update (29/11/2010):

With Froyo (Android 2.2) upgrade for Android based phones, you can now use the Front Facing Camera or the Secondary Camera with the native Android application. However, you can take images only, video is not possible with the secondary camera, using this application.

Update (12/05/2011):

With Gingerbread (Android 2.3.3 running XXJVK) firmware, the app is force closing. However, you should be able to use the native android application to leverage the secondary (front facing) camera in Samsung Galaxy S.

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  • Rif

    Thanks for the tip. Works OK. Finally able to test my front camera.

  • Hannah98

    Ive tried looking for an app for the front facing camera, but cant find one. The built in camera doesnt have one either. I have been trying to activate the front facing camera, but have had no luck for several months.
    Can only use back camera, please help!

  • prasanna


    Not all variants for Samsung Galaxy S have front facing camera. You might first want to check if it’s indeed got a front facing/secondary camera. Android 2.2/2.3 firmwares now have built-in support for using the front facing camera. When you open the native camera application, there is a toggle button on the left had top corner of the screen with two roundabout arrows on a camera icon, press on it and you will be prompted!

    Good luck and do let me know if it works.

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  • CX

    On my Samsung Galaxy S, I can take picture or video using the front or back facing cameras. However within skype, only the rear facing camera is employed. Does this app change this?

  • prasanna

    Skype now supports Front Facing camera in the Android Phones. Please update the version of your Skype.

  • Anirahbell

    whats is the name of the ap anyone please tell me ??

  • Anonymous

    @anirahbell well, starting android 2.2 you do not need a third party App to start using front facing camera. firstly check if your phone has a front facing camera, if it has follow the instructions in the blog.

  • Balletgurl1994

    How do I download the app

  • K Nicole_12

    Hannah 8 can’t find mine either. Have you ever found yours?

  • pras

    What is the model number of your phone?