Airtel GPRS Mobile Office Tariffs and Activation Codes

If you look-up for Airtel’s GPRS and Mobile Office connections details on their website, I am sure you will go around in circles. The last resort is their paid support (Yes, Airtel now charges 50 paise per 3 minutes for contacting their customer support via phone). Having been through this, I am posting the following information that you could leverage if you were to avail Airtel’s GPRS services.

Listed below are Airtel’s g various packages, Download limits, tariffs and Activation/De-activation codes. Hope you find them useful.

Airtel-GPRS Pack Download Limit /month Tariff/month SMS Activation Code SMS De-Activation Code
Airtel GPRS 99 Pack 300MB 99 MO99actv Send it to 222 MO99CNCL 222 Send it to 222
Airtel GPRS 199 Pack 1 GB 199 MO99actv Send it to 222 MO199CNCL 222 Send it to 222
Airtel GPRS 299 Pack 2 GB 299 MO299actv Send it to 222 MO299CNCL 222 Send it to 222
Once you exceed your Download limit, the charges for additional data is charged @ 30 paise per 50KB
Airtel’s Unlimited Mobile Office Plan Rs 140/-per week MO Send it to 56122 MO CNCL Send it to 56122

It is advisable for you to please check with Airtel’s customer service before activating them.

~~~~ Update 25th October 2010 ~~~~

Airtel has officially announced a package of Rs 98 /– GPRS plan for postpaid customers wherein, the download data limit is 2 GB.

  • deepak

    thanks…this info is something airtel website itself lags.

  • Vivek.S


    Viveka here…very useful stuff. thanks

  • @Deepu, Thanks.

    @Vivek, Naanu chennagi iddini? mathenu samachara?

  • LAR

    Airtel services are not good. I have become fed up by using the service and making complains after complains. On top, they also deduct balace without using the service.

    Stop using Airtel.

  • Sajid


    I found the below additional info in the Airtel website. Do not know whether there are any restrictions/conditions for this offer.

  • Channa

    The anomaly with GPRS 99 pack is, I pay Rs. 99 for the first 300MB and Rs.
    1800 for the next 300MB, and they won’t let you know the usage until it’s billed (whereas prepaid customers can track the usage).

    It’s even worse with GPRS 199/299 pack. Don’t tell me that I should know my usages. With smart phone apps, it’s nearly impossible to track the usage.

  • Channa

    The above packages seems to be outdated. I’ve taken the below new package.
    It’s Rs. 98 for 2GB. However, it has the same issue of whooping 30p per 50 KB charges (i.e. Rs. 6 per MB) and no tracking of usages.

  • subhajit

    anybody say how to free my airtel mo……… plz