Slinging with Slingbox and Tweeting withTweetdeck

Slingbox is a Place Shifting device from SlingMedia that lets you watch your Audio-Video content from anywhere in the world, be it Desktop, Laptop, PDA or even Smartphones using SlingPlayer App. All you need is an internet connection at your base location which is your home, where you would have connected the slingbox to the broadband router along with AV inputs. You can then fire up the SlingPlayer app on your mobile or ur laptop and watch your favorite programs…doesn’t matter if you are in LA or in Timbuktu 🙂

The best experience with the slingbox is made possible by the superior AV streaming quality generated from their proprietary algorithm called Slingstream (was codenamed Lebowski)…no surprises that it killed Sony’s Location free TV. Believe me its not the usual streaming that you see on the internet…All the Cable companies were freaked out after it became a huge rage and has cult following across the world..

Slingbox and tweede

I took the snap while I was watching Champions League football match between Arsenal vs Celtic and at the same time also tweeting on Twitter using Tweetdeck…

  • niranjan

    nice… didn’t know you had a slingbox, need to have a look!

  • prasanna

    You will love it. Download the Slingplayer App and I will set it up for a demo!

  • Thomas

    Nice Job on the blog